Powerful, Agile And Fully Loaded

AkeoCRM has everything you need to run your business smoothly

Sales Funnel and Sales Pipeline

AkeoCRM provides automated sales funnels and pipelines that can help you to manage your leads efficiently. Our sales funnel can be easily integrated and customized to fulfill the business needs and organize things if you have multiple products.

Integrated and Customizable

AkeoCRM integrates with leading software and other third-party websites and applications making it simple to manage your business processes. We have robust APIs that allow you to sync your applications with CRM and customize it according to the industry needs.

Booking Session

Booking Session is a distinctive element of the AkeoCRM which provides a user-friendly interface and facilitates you to manage your leads on a single page. Booking session allows all the users to compete with each other while converting the leads into valuable customers.

Manage Customer Subscription

AkeoCRM offers several benefits to the users regarding managing the customer subscriptions. You can fully automate the entire customer subscription lifecycle and eliminate the human errors to a great extent.

Customer Segmentation

AkeoCRM allows customer segmentation by adding relevant tags which makes it easy to track associate leads. Identify the potential customers and improve your marketing strategy.

Enterprise Support

AkeoCRM provides exceptional enterprise support by allowing your existing applications to seamlessly integrate through the use of Application Program Interfaces (APIs).

Timesheet Management

Timesheet Management is yet another exceptional feature offered by AkeoCRM to track the working hours, daily and weekly tasks of your employees. You can reckon the time taken to complete a particular task and manage your work strategy accordingly.

Detailed Insights

Gain valuable insights into the often-frenetic world of customer data and transform them into actionable information. AkeoCRM offers detailed insights of customer stats making it simple to define the market strategy.

Schedule Tasks

Schedule your regular activities like appointments and daily tasks to enhance your planning and productivity. AkeoCRM connects with your calendar and notifies you about your upcoming appointments as your personal assistant.

GDPR Compliance

Make collection and processing of your customer data transparent and secured with GDPR compliant AkeoCRM.

Gule Sider Search

Acquire new leads with access to the vast database of customers and see your business reaching heights. Gule Sider Search offers a huge amount of public data but is currently limited to Norway.

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