Build a long-lasting relationship with your customers

Capital Marketing


Real Estate






Why AkeoCRM ?

AkeoCRM is an intuitive and powerful software that helps you to manage your leads. It automates all the tasks and organizes everything effectively. Get everything you need to build a strong relationship with your customers.

Unique Features

Sale Funnel and Sales Pipeline

Get logically laid out sales funnels and pipelines that can be easily customized as per the industry needs. Organizing your sales process has never been so easy before.

Integrated and Customizable

Track, manage and customize your business process for increased efficiency. You can also easily integrate it with your current software.

Booking Session

Get rid of old calling lists and start effectively collecting valuable customers. You can set goals and measure progress easily and locally..

Manage Customer Subscription

Handle the entire customer subscription life cycle with an automated subscription process and get paid on time, every time.

Timesheet Management

Now track your work hours, daily tasks, projects and much more with Timesheet Management. Get your data arranged in a systematic digital form.

Enterprise Support

Smartly integrate your existing company software and database with AkeoCRM to increase your productivity and get your work done.

Be More Organised and Let Your Business Grow

AkeoCRM solution is designed in such a way that it manages all your clients, customers, and sales leads effectively. Gone are the days of fragmented spreadsheets and cluttered inboxes that slowed your down work. We let you work on your business, for all the rest, there is AkeoCRM.


Capital Marketing

From the baseline communication to the onboarding process, AkeoCRM lets customers see and manage their complete portfolios on Self-Care Portal.

Real Estate

AkeoCRM offers a smart MS Word plugin that makes it easy to manage the cumbersome paperwork involved in real estate industry.


AkeoCRM customizes and configures your products and automates the entire process of distributing commission amongst your agents based on their sales.


AkeoCRM is built to offer exceptional services by managing the entire customer lifecycle smoothly with an automated subscription and invoicing process.

Get Your Business More Organized